And Follow Me strives to guide the reader to an understanding of their unique experience with the cross, to discover their suffering as a spiritual tool or, as St. John Paul II calls it, “a vocation.” These daily reflections help the reader, by following the saints, follow Christ. As St. John Paul II writes in his Apostolic Letter, Salvifici Doloris (Redemptive Suffering), “The answer which comes through this sharing, by way of the interior encounter with the Master, is in itself something more than the mere abstract answer to the question about the meaning of suffering.” Each one’s understanding of suffering is only revealed through each individual’s experience with Christ on the road to Calvary.

While some reflections or prayers may seem to be geared to those with illness, the larger portion of this site can be found beneficial to those whose suffering takes other forms, large or small, chronic or momentary. These saints didn’t waste anything. The smallest inconvenience or sacrifice can unite us with Christ, produce humility, or ease the suffering of others, “so”, as we say when we begin the Way of the Cross, “that whether we pray or work we might do all in union with Christ our Redeemer.”