December 18 St. Moses

Yet I do love a certain light, a certain voice, a certain odor, a certain food, a certain embrace for the Man within me, where His light, which no place can contain, floods into my soul; where He utters words that time does not speed away; where He sends forth an aroma that no wind can scatter; where He provides food that no eating can lessen; where He so clings that satiety does not sunder us. This is what I love when I love my God.

-St. Augustine


O Antiphon

O Leader of the House of Israel,
giver of the Law to Moses on Sinai:
come to rescue us with your mighty power!


Prayer of Confidence in the Immaculate Heart

Mary Immaculate, our Mother and Consolation, with confidence I take refuge in your most loving heart. You shall be the dearest object of my love and veneration. I shall always have recourse to you who are the dispenser of the treasure of heaven, that I may have peace in my sorrows, light in my doubts, protection in dangers, and help in all my needs.

Be therefore my refuge, strength, and consolation, O Mary the Consoler. At the hour of my death, graciously received the last sighs of my heart and obtain for me a place in your heavenly home, where all hearts will praise with one accord the adorable Heart of Jesus as well as your most lovable heart forever. Our tender Mother, Comforter of the afflicted, pray for us who have recourse to you.


December 17 Lazarus

The Incarnation of the Son of God attests that God goes in search of man. Jesus speaks of this search as the finding of a lost sheep (cf. Lk 15:1-7). It is a search which begins in the heart of God and culminates in the Incarnation of the Word.

-St. John Paul II


Try to believe that your present state is a most singular grace from the divine Father; a grace which he grants you despite all your unworthiness.

-St. Pio of Pietrelcina


O Antiphon

O Wisdom of our God Most High,
guiding creation with power and love:
come to teach us the path of knowledge!


Prayer for Christ’s Coming in Grace

O Lord Jesus, during this Advent come to us in Your grace. Come to prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies to welcome You on Christmas Day. Come to comfort us in sadness, to cheer us in loneliness, to refresh us in weariness, to buttress us in temptations, to lead us in doubt, and to exult with us in joy.


December 16 St. Nicholas Chrysoberges

To the pure and beautiful light already seen in the Old Testament saints, the Gospel now adds the most daring counsels, which raise virtue to the heights of heroism….
It means simplicity, purity of heart, and humility, even welcoming insults and rejoicing in suffering, forgiving offences, showing charity to our enemies, with forgetfulness of self and self-denial. It may even mean dying for those we love. In short, it is all that is most directly opposed to the faulty inclinations of our nature, all that most resembles and most nearly approaches the divine perfection.

-St. John XXIII


Prayer for Christian Unity

Let us pray for all our brothers and sisters who share our faith in Jesus Christ, that God may gather and keep together in one Church all those who seek the truth with sincerity.

Almighty and eternal God, you keep together those you have united. Look kindly on all who follow Jesus, your Son. We are all consecrated to you by our common Baptism. Make us one in the fullness of faith, and keep us one in the fellowship of love.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


December 15 St. Mary Di Rosa

Our Lord is so good. The entire time I was sick, I had the joy of receiving him in my poor and unworthy heart three times a week. My cross became lighter and suffering became sweet when I knew that Jesus was going to be with me and that I would have the great honor of welcoming him in my heart, he, who comes to suffer with those who suffer, to cry with those who cry. Where can you find a friend like Jesus? He knows how to sympathize with us and how to soothe our pain at the same time. Jesus, and Jesus alone, can do that. Let us love him and cling to him with all our hearts.

-St. Bernadette Soubirous


Act of Spiritual Communion 

My Jesus, I believe that You are in the Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I long for You in my soul. Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. As though You have already come, I embrace You and unite myself entirely to You; never permit me to be separated from You.


December 14 St. John of Cross

It is noteworthy that any soul with authentic love cannot be satisfied until it really possesses God. Everything else not only fails to satisfy it but, as we said, increases the hunger and appetite to see him as he is. Every glimpse of the Beloved received through knowledge or feeling or any other communication (which is like a messenger bringing the soul news of who he is) further increases and awakens her appetite, like the crumbs given to someone who is famished.

-St. John of the Cross


Prayer to St. Joseph

O blessed Joseph, faithful guardian of my Redeemer, Jesus Christ, protector of thy chaste spouse, the virgin Mother of God, I choose thee this day to be my special patron and advocate and I firmly resolve to honor thee all the days of my life. Therefore I humbly beseech thee to receive me as thy client, to instruct me in every doubt, to comfort me in every affliction, to obtain for me and for all the knowledge and love of the Heart of Jesus, and finally to defend and protect me at the hour of my death.


December 13 St. Lucy

In the messianic program of Christ, which is at the same time the program of the kingdom of God, suffering is present in the world in order to release love, in order to give birth to works of love toward neighbor, in order to transform the whole of human civilization into a “civilization of love.”

-St. John Paul II


Prayer for Christ’s Triple Coming 

Lamb of God, You once came to rid the world of sin; cleanse me now of every stain of sin. Lord, You came to save what was lost; come once again with Your salvific power so that those You redeemed will not be punished. I have come to know You  in faith; may I have unending joy when You come again in glory.


December 12 Our Lady of Guadalupe

Then I heard a voice in my soul: Meditate on the mystery of the Incarnation. And suddenly the Infant Jesus appeared before me, radiant with beauty. He told me how much God is pleased with simplicity in a soul. Although My greatness is beyond understanding, I commune only with those who are little. I demand of you a childlike spirit.

-St. Faustina Kowalska


Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe, mystical rose, intercede for the Church, protect the holy Father, help all who invoke you in their necessities. Since you are the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of the true God, obtain for us from your most holy Son the grace of a firm faith and a sure hope amid the bitterness of life, as well as an ardent love and the precious gift of final perseverance.


December 11 St. Damasus I

…like the prophet Habakkuk…They are tempted to cry out to the Lord in a different way: why does God not intervene when violence threatens his people; why does God let us see ruin and misery; why does God permit evil?…
And yet the prophet gives us an answer to our impatience: “If God delays, wait for him; he will surely come, he will not be late” (cf. Hab 2:3). A Polish proverb expresses the same conviction in another way: “God takes his time, but he is just.” Our waiting for God is never in vain. Every moment is our opportunity to model ourselves on Jesus Christ—to allow the power of the Gospel to transform our personal lives and our service to others, according to the spirit of the Beatitudes.

-St. John Paul II


Act of Hope

O Lord God, I hope by your grace for the pardon of all my sins and after life here to gain eternal happiness because you have promised it, who are infinitely powerful, faithful, kind, and merciful. In this hope I intend to live and die.


December 10 St. Peter Duong

For often when a person is quite unprepared for such a thing, and is not even thinking of God, he is awakened by His Majesty, as though by a rushing comet or a thunderclap. Although no sound is heard, the soul is very well aware that it has been called by God, so much so that sometimes, especially at first, it begins to tremble and complain, though it feels nothing that causes it affliction. It is conscious of having been most delectably wounded, but cannot say how or by whom; but it is certain that this is a precious experience and it would be glad if it were never to be healed of that wound.

-St. Teresa of Avila


Prayer for Christ’s Coming in Grace

O Lord Jesus, during this Advent come to us in Your grace. Come to prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies to welcome You on Christmas Day. Come to comfort us in sadness, to cheer us in loneliness, to refresh us in weariness, to buttress us in temptations, to lead us in doubt, and to exult with us in joy.


December 9 St. Juan Diego

The Cross gave peace to the world; and it must bring peace to our hearts. All our miseries come from not loving it. The fear of crosses increases them. A cross carried simply, and without those returns of self-love which exaggerate troubles, is no longer a cross. Peaceable suffering is no longer suffering.

-St. John Vianney


Our Lady, Queen of Peace

Most holy Virgin, by your Divine Maternity you merited to share in your Divine Son’s prerogative of universal Kingship, and to be called Queen of Peace. May your powerful intercession guard your people from all hatred and discord among themselves and direct their hearts in the way of peace. Your Son came to teach us this way for the good and well-being of all and your Church continues to guide our steps along that same way.

Look kindly upon the efforts of Christ’s Vicar to call together and unite nations around the only center of saving faith. Enlighten the rulers of our country and of all countries on earth to follow this path to peace. Grant that there may be peace in our hearts, in our families, and in our world.