November 10 St. Leo the Great, Veterans Day

But why this desire to tell others the secrets of Your love? Can You not, Yourself, reveal to others what You have revealed to me? I know You can, and I beg You to do so. I implore You, cast Your eyes upon a multitude of little souls; choose from this world, I beg of You, a legion of little victims worthy of Your LOVE.

-St. Therese of Lisieux


The eyes of the world see no further than this life, as mine see no further than this wall when the church door is shut. The eyes of the Christian see deep into Eternity.

-St. John Vianney


Prayer to Imitate the Suffering Christ

O Jesus, You have called me to suffer because You on Your part suffered for me, leaving me an example that I might follow. When You were insulted, You did not return the insult. When You were mistreated, You did not counter with threats but entrusted Yourself to the One Who judges justly. By Your wounds we are healed. Help me to imitate You in suffering. Let me break with sin by means of my sufferings, so that I may no longer live according to the lusts of sinners but according to the Will of the Father.

Since You Yourself have suffered and been tempted I know that You are able to bring aid to all who suffer and are tempted. I entrust myself to You and to the Father, my Creator, knowing that You will never fail me.



Prayer on Veterans Day

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, those whom we honor today are examples of Your words: “Greater love than this no one has: that he lay down his life for his friends.” They gave up their lives in the defense of freedom for their loved ones and their country.

Teach me to appreciate the virtue of patriotism–a true and Christian love of country. Let me love my country not to follow it blindly but to make it the land of goodness that it should be. Let my patriotism be such that it will not exclude the other nations of the world but include them in a powerful love of country that has room for all others too.