November 8 Four Crowned Martyrs

…when I began to think seriously of perfection, I knew that to become a Saint, one had to suffer much, always aim at perfection and forget oneself.

-St. Therese of Lisieux


I assure you…that they have no lack of crosses, but these do not unsettle them or deprive them of their peace. The few storms pass quickly, like waves of the sea, and fair weather returns, and then the Presence of the Lord which they have within them makes them forget everything.

-St. Teresa of Avila


Prayer for the Church in Need

God of power and of mercy, you gave courage to the martyrs who died for their faith. In many places in the world, our brothers and sisters in Christ continue to suffer for their belief in you and in your Son. Strengthen all those who suffer religious persecution. May we work for the day when all your children may worship you in freedom and in joy.