May 10 Ascension of the Lord

But the seventh day is without an evening, and it does not have a setting, because you have sanctified it to endure for all eternity, so that by the fact that you rested on the seventh day, having fulfilled all your works, which are very good, although you wrought them while still at rest, the voice of your book may proclaim to us beforehand that we also, after our works, which are very good because you have given them to us, may rest in you on the sabbath of eternal life.

-St. Augustine


“…as the angels said on the day of the Ascension to the disciples, standing like dead men, their hearts lifted on high, and ascended into Heaven with the wisdom of My Son: ‘Do not stand here any longer, for He is seated at the right hand of the Father!’”

-St. Catherine of Siena


Prayer to Christ Ascended into Heaven

O Lord Jesus, I adore You, Son of Mary, my Savior and my Brother, for You are God. I follow You in my thoughts, O first fruits of our race, as I hope one day by Your grace to follow You in my person into heavenly glory.

In the meantime, do not let me neglect the earthly task that You have given me. Let me labor diligently all my life with a greater appreciation for the present. Let me realize that only by accomplishing true human fulfillment can I attain Divine fulfillment and ascend to you at the completion of my work.