March 7 Sts. Perpetua and Felicity

“You were all invited, generally and in particular, by My Truth, when He cried in the Temple, saying: ‘Whosoever thirsts, let him come to Me and drink, for I am the Fountain of the Water of Life’ (John 4:13-14; Apocalypse 22:17). He did not say ‘Go to the Father and drink,’ but He said ‘Come to Me.’ He spoke thus, because in Me, the Father, there can be no pain, but in My Son there can be pain. And you, while you are pilgrims and wayfarers in this mortal life, cannot be without pain, because the earth, through sin, brought forth thorns.”

-St. Catherine of Siena


Lord, Send Your Abundant Blessing

Lord, send your abundant blessing upon your people who devoutly recall the death of your Son in the sure hope of the Resurrection. Grant us pardon; bring us comfort. May our faith grow stronger and our eternal salvation be assured.