February 26 St. Porphyry of Gaza

…but remember two things: one, the children of Israel were forty years in the desert before arriving in the land of rest, which had been promised to them, though six weeks would have sufficed for the journey at their ease, and it was not lawful for them to inquire why God obliged them to make so many windings, and to pass through such rough trials, while all those who murmured died on the way; the other, Moses, the greatest friend of God in the whole multitude, died on the frontiers of the promised land, seeing it with his eyes, and being unable to enjoy it.

-St. Francis de Sales


Prayer for Perseverance

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, living and life-giving fountain of eternal life, infinite treasure of the Divinity, and glowing furnace of love, You are my refuge and my sanctuary. O adorable and glorious Savior, consume my heart with the burning fire that ever inflames Your Heart. Pour down on my soul the graces that flow from Your love. Let my heart be so united with Yours that our wills may be one, and mine may in all things be conformed to Yours. May Your Will be the rule both of my desires and of my actions.