February 6 St. Paul Miki

…I beheld Our Lord holding a crown of thorns which He placed upon my head…saying at the same time: “Received this crown, My daughter, as a sign of that which will soon be given thee in order to make thee conformable to Me.”…It was a cause of inconceivable joy and consolation to me to see myself thus, in some measure, conformed to Him. He willed by means of this suffering, in union with the merits of His being crowned with thorns, that I should ask of God His Father, the conversion of sinners as also humility for those proud heads, whose haughtiness displeased Him so much and inflicted so great an injury on Him.

-St. Margaret Mary Alacoque


Prayer to Imitate the Suffering Christ

 O Jesus, You have called me to suffer because You on Your part suffered for me, leaving me an example that I might follow. When You were insulted, You did not return the insult. When You were mistreated, You did not counter with threats but entrusted Yourself to the One Who judges justly. By Your wounds we are healed. Help me to imitate You in suffering. Let me break with sin by means of my sufferings, so that I may no longer live according to the lusts of sinners but according to the Will of the Father.

Since You Yourself have suffered and been tempted I know that You are able to bring aid to all who suffer and are tempted. I entrust myself to You and to the Father, my Creator, knowing that You will never fail me.