January 31 St. John Bosco

O Root of Jesse, who stand as a sign to the peoples, how many kings and prophets wanted to see you and did not? Simeon is the happiest of them all because by God’s mercy he was still bearing fruit in old age. For he rejoiced to think that he would see the sign so long desired. He saw it and was glad. When he had received the kiss of peace he departed in peace, but first he proclaimed aloud that Jesus was born, a sign that would be rejected.

-St. Bernard of Clairvaux


Prayer for Devotion to the Holy Name

O Jesus, grant to me and those I love as well as to all the faithful the grace of eternal salvation through Your holy Name. Bestow on us a most ardent love for You that will imprint Your sacred Name upon our hearts. May it be always in our minds and frequently on our lips, that it may be our defense in temptation, our refuge in danger, and our consolation and support in the hour of our death.