January 17 Our Lady of Hope

You are nowhere but close to the infant Jesus, trembling with cold in the stable of Bethlehem….You are on Calvary with the Marys, where you see nothing but death, nails, thorns, powerlessness, extraordinary darkness, abandonment, and dereliction. Therefore, I beg you to love the crib of the child of Bethlehem; love the Calvary of the God crucified amidst the darkness; stay close to him and know that Jesus is in the midst of your hearts more than you could believe or imagine.

-St. Pio of Pietrelcina


Our Lady, Hope of Christians

Hail Mary, hope of Christians, hear the prayer of a sinner who loves you tenderly, honors you in a special manner, and places in you the hope of salvation. I owe you my life, for you obtain for me the grace of your Son and you are the sure pledge of my eternal happiness.

I entreat you, deliver me from the burden of my sins, take away the darkness of my mind, destroy the earthly affections of my heart, defeat the temptations of my enemies, and rule all the actions of my life. With you as my guide may I arrive at the eternal happiness of heaven.