January 10 St. Gregory of Nyssa

Upright by the cross of her Son on Calvary, the most holy Virgin shared in his Passion and knows how to convince ever fresh souls to unite their suffering with Christ’s sacrifice, in a joint “offertory,” which surpasses time and space and embraces the whole of mankind and saves it.

-St. John Paul II


Prayer to Grow in Grace through Sorrows

Most holy Virgin and Mother, your soul was pierced by a sword of sorrow in the Passion of your Divine Son, and in His glorious Resurrection you are filled with never-ending joy at His triumph. Obtain for us who call upon you the grace to partake in the trials of the Church and the sorrows of the Pope so that we may be found worthy to grow in grace and rejoice with them in the consolations for which we pray, in the love and peace of the same Christ our Lord.