December 30 St. Egwin

If Christ’s eye dwells on you with predilection, if he chooses you, if he calls you to be his collaborators, do not hesitate for a moment—following the example of the most holy Virgin to the angel—to say your generous “Yes.” You will not regret it; your joy will be true and full, and your life will appear rich in fruits and in merits, because you will become with him and for him messengers of peace, agents of good, collaborators with God in the salvation of the world!

-St. John Paul II


Prayer for Union with Christ

Lord Jesus, open our hearts to Your renewed coming. Help us to be conformed to You in a new birth. Cast out all fear, which shuts us up within ourselves, suffocates Your gifts, and prevents You from working in us Your perennial newness. Grant that we may always discern Your coming so that we may remain united with You and work out our salvation and the salvation of the world.