December 25 Christmas

Desire nothing, refuse nothing. Look upon the little Jesus in the crib; He receives poverty, nakedness, the society of beasts, the inclemency of the weather, and all that His Father permits to happen to Him. It is not written that He ever reached out His hands to be lifted up into the bosom of His Mother. He abandoned Himself entirely to her care and her foresight. He did not refuse the little comforts she gave Him, and received the services of St. Joseph, the adoration and presents of the shepherds and the kings, all with a holy equanimity.

-St. Francis de Sales


Prayer for Union with Christ

Lord Jesus, open our hearts to Your renewed coming. Help us to be conformed to You in a new birth. Cast out all fear, which shuts us up within ourselves, suffocates Your gifts, and prevents You from working in us Your perennial newness. Grant that we may always discern Your coming so that we may remain united with You and work out our salvation and the salvation of the world.



Prayer to the Infant Jesus

O Lord Christ, You were pleased so to humble Yourself in Your incarnate Divinity and most sacred Humanity, as to be born in time and become a little Child.

Grant that we may acknowledge infinite wisdom in the silence of a Child, power in weakness, and majesty in humiliation.

Adoring Your humiliations on earth, may we contemplate Your glories in heaven, Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit live and reign forever.