November 22 St. Cecilia

…and [I] will only mention that He revealed to me two sanctities in Him, the one of love and the other of justice, both rigorous in their degree, which would continually be brought to bear upon me. The former would make me suffer a most painful kind of purgatory, in order to relieve the holy souls therein detained whom, according to His good pleasure, He would permit to address themselves to me. And as for His sanctity of justice, which is so terrible to sinners, it would make me feel the weight of His just rigor by causing me to suffer for sinners, and “especially,” He said, “for souls consecrated to Me, regarding whom I will in future make thee see and feel what thou must suffer for love of Me.”

-St. Margaret Mary Alacoque


Prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Lord Jesus, have mercy on the souls detained in Purgatory. It was for their salvation that you took on our human nature and suffered a most painful death. Have mercy on their burning desire to see you, have mercy on their tears of repentance. Through the merits of your Passion, remit the sentence they incurred by their sins.

Dear loving Jesus, may your Blood descend on those dear souls! May it shorten their time of atonement and may they soon be called to eternal happiness in your Presence!