July 26 Sts. Joachim and Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary

I asked the Sister who was on duty, “Sister, why doesn’t anybody smile? Why do they look constantly at the door?”
“The same thing always happens,” she answered. “They are always waiting for someone to come to visit them. They dream of a son or daughter, some member of the family, or a friend coming through that door to visit them.”
Loneliness was an expression of their poverty, the poverty of seeing themselves abandoned by relatives and friends. The poverty of having no one coming to visit them is the poverty older people feel the most.

-St. Teresa of Kolkata


from The Blessing of Grandparents

Lord God almighty, bless our grandparents with long life, happiness, and health. May they remain constant in your love and be living signs of your presence to their children and grandchildren. We ask this through Christ our Lord.