July 12 Sts. John Jones and John Wall

The parable of the Good Samaritan belongs to the Gospel of suffering. For it indicates what the relationship of each of us must be toward our suffering neighbor. We are not allowed to “pass by on the other side” indifferently; we must “stop” beside him. Everyone who stops beside the suffering of another person, whatever form it may take, is a Good Samaritan.

-St. John Paul II


Prayer for those who Care for the Sick

Lord Jesus, our brother, you showed your compassion for the sick when you reached out in love of them. We praise you for the saving love that is exercised among those who care fore the sick. Conform them more and more to your image, that they may be your healing touch to the sick, and share the peace of your Holy Spirit with all they meet.

Glory and praise to you, Christ Jesus, the Incarnation of the Father’s love, you are Lord forever and ever.