June 8 St. William of York

At that moment He deprived me of everything, and after having emptied my heart and laid bare my soul, He enkindled therein such an ardent desire to love Him and to suffer that I no longer had any rest. He pursued me so closely that I had no leisure except to think of how I could love Him by crucifying myself. His goodness towards me had ever been so great that He has never failed to provide me with means of doing so.

-St. Margaret Mary Alacoque


Prayer for Devotion to the Holy Name

O Jesus, grant to me and those I love as well as to all the faithful the grace of eternal salvation through Your holy Name. Bestow on us a most ardent love for You that will imprint Your sacred Name upon our hearts. May it be always in our minds and frequently on our lips, that it may be our defense in temptation, our refuge in danger, and our consolation and support in the hour of our death.